Woman harassed by traffic officer

Woman harassed by traffic officer

Mrs Heidi Boshoff was driving home on July, 1, 2015, with her son and his girlfriend at around 21:00 when they were stopped by a traffic officer who accused her of imbibing alcoholic drinks when she in fact had not drunk anything at all.

He harassed her especially after she discovered that she had shown him her old driver’s license: she’d accidentally left her new one at home.

“He told me that I must shut up because ‘he can smell me and I talk too much,'” said Boshoff to the Potchefstroom Herald.

He confiscated my old driver’s license, and insisted to take me to the clinic opposite Turkstra’s for a breath and blood test.

“I knew, however, that that clinic was closed in the evenings.” The traffic officer followed her to the house of her son’s girlfriend so that she could drop off the children.

Boshoff said she felt very uncomfortable and very unsafe to be alone with the traffic officer ‘to go to the clinic’ because she believed it wasn’t open, and asked her son’s girlfriend to call her father, who was inside, to go with her.

The traffic officer said ‘what are you doing’, when he heard that I’d asked the man to go with me, and then told her that “The tests aren’t necessary and he would ‘let her get away with a warning'”.

Then it was Boshoff who insisted on going for tests to establish that she’d not been drinking – but the official then said ‘it wasn’t necessary’ and simply drove off.

“I am not sure what his intentions was, but his behavior was intimidation,” she said.

Source – Potchefstroom Herald

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