Winnie Mandela governing from the grave?

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Winnie Mandela governing from the grave?
Winnie governing from the grave? Photo: Front Nasionaal SA

The death of Winnie Mandela left Ramaphosa a nice opportunity to pour oil into its land reform fire. In a speech in the Eastern Cape during a memorial service to Madikizela Mandela, Ramaphosa said land reform would be carried out without compensation because it was the only way in which Winnie Mandela could rest in peace.

We know that the ANC is not going to back down. While we are excited about the positive sounds from abroad (for the umpeenth time in our people’s history), we must realize that this battle is to be fought here at home.

The Trekkers in Natal waited for Holland to help them with the English occupation until the British flag was hoisted over Port Natal. The Boer generals held on and on, because Germany and France would have come and helped them, until the whole of the Transvaal and Free State went up in smoke.

We should not bluff ourselves that Donald Trump or Australia is coming here soon to sort out the situation for us. We have seen what happened in Zimbabwe. The world had criticized and employed sanctions against Mugabe personally and Mugabe just brushed this aside. Just like any other African leader before him and with Ramaphosa right now.

The outside world will not solve our crisis. And to sit and wait for it is the most stupid thing we can do.

This diabolical plan that Ramaphosa and Malema now have on the table is taking flame among the broader black population. It’s a powder keg with a fuse that is already burning.

Where does it leave us?

We can sit and wait for the fuse to die by voting again DA, FF +, Cope or ACDP next year and then mess around for another four years whilst we know full well that the time is running out and the country is falling apart all around us.

We can sit and hope for a knight on a white horse to come extinguish the fuse whilst waiting for Australia to offer asylum. It is ridiculous to think that Australia will come and fetch 4 million people (including unqualified, elderly, children and caregivers) at their expense. The Australia option will assist at most only a few thousand people.

We can use our common sense and see that this fuse is going to reach the gunpowder keg and the explosion will cause a disaster of massive proportions. Again, we have seen Zimbabwe. And then we can do the logical thing and make sure we move as far as possible from Ramaphosa’s gunpowder keg as we can.

How? By demanding our right to self determination and giving it support by voting for Front National in the 2019 general election.

Do you have a better plan? And I mean: a workable plan. Then please let us know.

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