Why pay taxes to thieves?

Why pay taxes to thieves?

The South African government admits we lose R30-billion a year to corruption, but our finance minister wants to increase taxes on an already overtaxed middle class to raise R27-billion over the next two years.

We have 16 million citizens receiving social grants, costing us R109-billion per year. We have 25.5% unemployment, our pass rate is 30%, there are close to 47 murders per day in our country and our growth rate is 1.7%. How dare this government demand more from us?

Around 3.3 million South Africans are paying 99% of all income tax and receiving very little in return.

We are forced to hire private security, see private doctors and pay fees for private schools.

The electorate who receive food parcels and grants are constantly reminded how shocking apartheid was in order to keep the fat cats in power. Our past was evil, but so is our present.

It is time for a middle class revolution.

Dave Harris, Craighall Park

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