Who are behind the Murder, Rape, Hijaking, Kidnapping and Torture of mainly Whites

15 April 2014 – Black oppression (murder, rape, jack-rolling, hijackings, kidnapping, tortures, corruption) of mainly whites, but also of ALL the races in SA

We quote a friend:

“Most white people in SA are so pacified by the idea of a ‘rainbow nation’, happy to worry more about whether the Sharks (rugby) or the Bulls are winning, sitting behind their Playstations.

On Saturday night a 87-year old white farmer was killed with an axe about 5km from where I live. But I bet you that all the people who live in this 5km radius are more interested in the Oscar Pistorius trial than in that poor man and his family.

Unfortunately it seems like people only start taking action when something happens to them. It’s the same the world over. White people are going extinct due to our own actions (inaction also) and we’re all too subdued by global media and materialism to realize it.

Apart from trying to get my family out of South Africa, I’m not too sure anymore if what we’re doing is going to have any effect. The world didn’t even bat an eyelid when a million people were slaughtered in Rwanda genocide in 1994 ……. If I told someone that a farmer’s wife was hacked into pieces, it may stir a bit of emotion, but they’ll forget about it in a few minutes’ time. If I show them a picture, it’ll haunt them for a week”……

The other thing – which took me a long time to do – is that we have to get over ‘white guilt’. Because this is exactly why the West is pouring aid into Africa and propping up dictatorships. I read an interesting article by an Irish journalist a while ago where he asked the question: Where are those starving children of Ethiopia and Somalia who the world was forced to look at and feel guilty about in the 80’s with Bob Geldoff’s big Save Africa crap? Most probably running around with AK47’s, killing innocent people, living in a hostile environment which can’t sustain a big population…..

We should have left the Africans in reserves and we shouldn’t have tried to convert them to our way of life. We shouldn’t have given them our medicine and our guns. They should be part of nature as they were for thousands of years. That’s the way it was meant to be. But I refuse to feel guilty about things my ancestors may or may not have done to anyone. I had nothing to do with any of it. I worked for everything I have. And my children should never feel guilty for being white.

It would be very similar if I hated my English-speaking neighbour because the British army burnt down my ancestors’ farms and killed their women and children in concentration camps more than a hundred years ago. Where is the logic in that? …….

A book I would recommend to EVERYBODY is The State of Africa by Martin Meredith. And more recently, I read White Identity by Jared Taylor, which will open your eyes to what is happening in America. Our race will be an oppressed minority worldwide in a few generations……

I find that Americans, even though they are on average very ignorant about the world outside still have an almost childlike empathy for people. We have people on the group who are sending out emails to congressmen and going all out… All for people they’ve never met on the other side of the Atlantic….

As far as South Africa is concerned: I have no hope either. One only needs to look North to see our future. I think people here think that we’re somehow special – maybe because we’re good at rugby, I don’t know. It’s in the world (and the new order’s) interest to have the country burnt down to the ground so that they can come in and buy up everything for peanuts….

I don’t want to go too deep into the Rabbit Hole, but I know that the EU is sponsoring land reform in South Africa. Why? Because they care about the poor blacks? No, because they know if the blacks ruin the farms, like they did everywhere in Africa, we’ll have to import all our food and they can dump their over-subsidized food in South Africa….

The world will look on while our white farmers are chased off their farms and while our banks and mines are Nationalized, because they know that if they wait another 5 years, they’ll be bartering AK47’s for diamonds and gold as they did in the rest of Africa. And then, once the ‘revolutionary spirit’ is out of the blacks, they’ll come in and get the mines running again. Or maybe China will.
It’s a chess game for the powers that be……

You know, I think the only way we can achieve something is for all of us to unite, but that is a mammoth task. Division is part of our psychology. We invented free thought. And it’ll be our downfall. If you drive through an old ‘apartheid’ suburb in Pretoria, there’s a church on every corner. This one says that you can only sing Psalms, this one says you can dance in church, this one says you have to wear a tie, this one says that you shouldn’t celebrate Christmas… But they can’t all get together and realize that there is one thing that binds them all together… The Muslims can, why can’t we?

Look at how many Facebook groups there are against farm murders and black on white genocide in SA… If I could have it my way, I’d get hold of the strongest ‘leader’ of one of the groups and unite everybody under one group and delete all the others. But there’s bickering and tit for tat bites at each other even within the groups… Sunette Bridges doesn’t like Dan Roodt, she doesn’t like the fact that Dr Stanton of Genocide Watch says we should all leave the country… There’s arguments about Boer vs Afrikaner, about English whites against Afrikaans whites… Now there’s going to be some kind of fight between Front Nasionaal and the Freedom Front. What the hell?

The ANC succeeded against one of the best armies in the world, against a country that had it’s own nuclear weapons… Because they united people. By forcing them to comply. By necklacing. Is that what we’ll need to unite? (Raise awareness knows this will never happen!).

You know the New World Order or whatever you want to call them… The Illuminati… They’ve succeeded in the divide and conquer thing. You give people enough choice and they can’t stand together. If it comes down to it and the proverbial hits the fan, I’m not going to ask my neighbour if he is gay or an atheist or a Sharks supporter. If he’s white, I’m going to load him and his family into my bakkie and drive.

I just don’t think that things are bad enough yet for us to unite (sarcasm)….”.