White South Africans not giving enough?

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White South Africans not giving enough?
White South Africans not giving enough?

Bishop Tutu says whites should pay a wealth tax. Malema said whites monopolize business. The ANC says Europeans should be more lenient in the economy otherwise, they see violence and atrocities.

According to black South Africa, everything hinges on white South Africa not offering enough.

But we give, we care, we do our share, we cook soup, we bake bread, we empty our closets, we “tip” for pushing a trolley at the shops with two items, we “tip” for our cars to be watched and we “tip” the beggars at the robots, something that not even their own people do.

We pay for extended family members burials up to the third generation and sometimes for the third funeral of the same grandmother. We pay school fees, and buy books for their children, nephews, nieces and numerous children, even though we are not sure if they exist.

We give advances on salary; we “lend” money for school shoes, medicines, maize meal – knowing full well that that loan is interest-free and will never be repaid. We GIVE.

We let housekeepers study, we knit sweaters, hats, gloves, we buy clothes, and we give lessons on how to pick up paper. We give classes in cooking, knitting, crocheting, dressmaking, irrigation, farming, planting, and how to milk a cow. We GIVE.

We buy overalls, buy birthday cakes, buy pills, pay for taxi fares, and we give our favorite roadside provisions away, and we give our sweeties away through car and train windows. We GIVE.

We create jobs, take pity, we pray, we remove babies dumped in dustbins and raise them, we give Christmas parties for nursery schools in squatter camps, we perform operations, we donate hearts, livers, kidneys, lungs, eyes, ears and tongues. We GIVE.

We are not racist, we are not vengeful, we are still here in our country, we clean up, and we drive, drop off, and pick up. We comfort, we explain, we stay calm, stand in long lines and smile, and let the one with the crutches go first. We GIVE.

We keep our mouths shut when all we have given and done is trampled and destroyed and when before our eyes everything what we have built rots to nothing.

We speak a foreign language so that they can understand, we remain silent when we should have spoken long ago but did not want to offend anyone. We give patience, forbearance, and endurance. We GIVE

Did I mention we GIVE!! So, I think, somewhere between somewhere and nowhere you have the cat by the tail, and you have everything backwards and upside down – as usual.

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