Where you there? Public parliamentary hearings held regarding redistribution of land (property)

Where you there? Public parliamentary hearings held regarding redistribution of land (property)

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This is what South Africa became and land redistribution without compensation will be their free ticket to grab anything they want (and not need). Now ask me again why I stood at the podium and spoke against the proposal for the act to be changed.

The almost completed , was indeed the ideal platform for all conservative white South Africans to take a stand against the gulf that we are facing, hence, the majority of the white minority made no effort whatsoever to march up to these hearings in each province held this far, to speak out against this inhuman and unfair suggestion that property may be taken and not be compensated there for.

At the hearing I attended we were about 20-25 white people from a town where approximately 5000 white people are residing in, hearing threats from almost 2000 blacks chanting and being verbally abused and accused that we stole the land and it will be taken back by them, either by force or us, handing it over freely to prevent any loss of life.

I have noticed quite a few white people on social media and also with private conversations that if anyone dares coming into their yard or property, such a perpetrator will be shot, or they will do this or that. Also, I hear a lot saying that it is a waste of time to attend these hearings, because we as a minority will not be heard or attended to, so what is the use to go?

Actually this was the right time for all Afrikaners, Boere and people who stand against the ANC, EFF, DA and BLF propaganda and threats, to speak out and say that we as a minority are indeed a force to be reckoned with and that we stand as one, against the oppression from the majority.

The only whites I have noticed at these hearings thus far, were those from the pro Afrikaner party, FF+, organizations such as Agriforum, some farmers and a couple of provincial agriculture societies and CapeXit – should we not have seen 4 million whites at these public hearings, instead, I think less than 400 white people in total, took it upon themselves to represent a nation – a nation that states that we will defend and fight what is ours!!!!

The media streams on local news mediums how the EFF, ANC and BLF supporters hinder and interrupt these hearings with song and microphones, chanting their willingness to do whatever it takes to grab the property owned by current rightful owners, as long as it is owned by white people.
Take note: White people, not people from a certain party, organisation , or a certain area, but ALL white people.

In other words, it does not matter if you are a white individual, a right wing, DA, COPE, FF+, FN, NKP, ANC or what ever religion group or organization member , if you are white, then you are the target, of being dispossessed of your property – without compensation.

You as a white South African might not like what you read here and you may even defend your reason or give me a reason why waste time in attending such hearings, but I tell you as it is…..You should have been there with the few of us who are willing to stand up and raise their hands and proclaiming that we did not steal any land, and defending your rights to an equal space in the country that you have been born in.

in my own capacity I do not own any land, property or anything of value more than R20 000, but i stood there, saying that those who do own farms, property, businesses and so forth, should have a right to have just that, because you earned your living and rights here in South Africa as the next person, even if he or she is black.

We all look at other countries for either assistance to intervene and slap the left wing over their wrists, or a hand out from them for a free ticket out of this shit hole, but you do it from the comfort from your oh so soft lounge chair.

Countries such as Australia had more marches and speeches against farm killings and the oppression of whites in South Africa, than what we have held ourselves….and you dare call yourself a Boer and Afrikaner? (Addressing those not being active now) – Sies!

If you choose to perhaps take me on these above points, I will ask you one question and one question alone:
Where you there?
Was jy daar?

Bill Harington