When will farm murders and attacks get a mourning day?

When will farm murders and attacks get a mourning day?

President Jacob Zuma has announced a week-long mourning period for the victims of the Marikana shooting.
He also expressed his sympathy for the wounded and injured from the illegal strike and even visited them in hospital.

The president also announced a ministerial commission of inquiry into the massacre. The president’s action in this case is praiseworthy.

After the recent xenophobic attacks, Zuma has appealed to foreigners to stay in the country. He also urged churches to pray for peace and friendship. In a statement, Zuma said: “These attacks go against everything we believe in. The majority of South Africans love peace and good relations with their brothers and sisters in the continent.”

However, since 1994 thousands of farmers, family members and farm workers were attacked across the country on farms and in some cases murdered.

Is the time not right for the president to appoint a judicial commission of inquiry to investigate these attacks and murders and announce a national mourning day for the farm attacks?

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