When aparthate replaced apartheid

When aparthate replaced apartheid
Political parties and why Front National is different

For a number of decades now the ANC dressed themselves as a “liberation movement” opposed to the policy of apartheid.

They opposed the relocation of people by force in District Six and elsewhere, yet they develop the property reform act which means that farmers will be forced to relocate from their property and they remove the impoverished white families to Munsieville to live on an old rubbish dump.

They opposed the fact that only some South Africans were allowed to vote in elections under apartheid rule, yet they propose to remove voter’s from the roll whose addresses cannot be confirmed. Question is: would “Hut number 4 behind the rubbish heap when you turn left at the chicken coop behind the 63rd spaza shop in the gravel road that runs from the back of the taxi rank when you climb over the wall” count as a legal address or will 22 De la Rey Ave be the one to be removed?

They opposed apartheid legislation listing people as unwanted opponents of the state, yet they propose a law to list people at random as being “racists” and punishing them.

They opposed the “racism” of apartheid, yet they create 119 racially based laws including Affirmative Action and BEE to impoverish the country to the brink of junk status.

They opposed the substandard Bantu Education of apartheid, yet their own youth are burning down universities and centres of education and manage to create the poorest education system in the world.

They opposed the fact that apartheid did nothing towards nation building, yet they allow the massacre of the minority of the nation.

They complained of apartheid using government funds for defence and other purposes and for not building anything, yet they use government funds for Nkandla and destroy what has been built already.

What has changed? Nothing. We are living the mirror image of apartheid, only now it is more bloody and more racist and more destructive than what they claimed the first to be.

Which makes one ponder the statement made by a well-known Afrikaner activist last year: “Black people created apartheid. Go figure.”

Daniel Lötter
FNSA Information.

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