Wheelchair-bound pensioner shot in Pinetown

Wheelchair-bound pensioner shot in Pinetown

A 74 year-old pensioner was shot and critically wounded on Friday evening at around 18h00 in Pinetown.

At 18h00 Netcare 911 paramedics received a call of a shooting outside a doctor’s rooms in Warwick Road, Pinetown.

Reports from the scene indicate that a 74-year-old man was being pushed in a wheelchair to his vehicle by two female family members.

When they got to the vehicle they were approached by unknown men with a gun, the elderly man sustained two critical gunshot wounds.

Paramedics arrived at the scene and found a doctor working on the critically wounded man. The two females were luckily not injured.

Medics worked fervently to stabilize the shot patient before medics transported him to a specialized hospital in Durban for the care that he required.

Exact detail to the cause of the shooting and preceding events will remain a subject for the South African Police to investigate.

Source: Alpha Alarms

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