What a difference 22 two years have made – part 2 – VIDEO

What a difference 22 two years have made  – part 2  – VIDEO
What a difference 22 two years have made – part 2 - VIDEO

The old South African army was a force to be reckoned with, diligent, hardworking soldiers, who did their duty and protected the country. The young lads who lost their lives protecting the borders during the guerilla warfare will not be forgotten. The army had to confront external threats and internal unrest that escalated to an armed confrontation between the state and liberation forces. An army that we will remember with pride. What is a real pity is that the old South African army which received high accolades in WW2 has been reduced to a new corrupt force of villains?

Watch the video of the old South African army.

Back to the future. Jacob Zuma once said South Africa has built a new army out of the ashes of the old apartheid forces. A force that terrorized black people. Whatever did Zuma mean by the “Ashes,” probably that the army was too forceful and had to be killed? Now it is Zuma’s army.

Watch the “Hell March” video of the new SANDF. It is a joke, they are so out of shape, it’s scandalous.

Not to forget the fraud, corruption, and abuse in the new army. There is the story published last year about the SA Army’s Infantry School in Oudtshoorn. Army instructors were physically jumping on the backs and chests of not only male but female recruits. Many were refused medical attention, and the racist verbal abuse was shocking.

Bantu Holomisa Chairperson of the SANDF Service Commission said in a statement during March 2014 that the army is in a state of decline. The situation is so bad that the army would not even be able to contain an internal revolt within its borders. After this report was issued, the SANDF refused to comment on claims made by defense experts or the media.

Would Holomisa make up a story about the new defense force, I do not believe that he would. There is far too many imperfections in the army today; basic training is outrageous, labor problems and a lack of intelligence capability to name but a few. The ANC have done a marvelous job with the army. There is a vast difference between the old South African army and the new, in only 22 years, what is going to happen in the next decade.

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