Three hijackers arrested, Browns farm, CT

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Three hijackers arrested, Browns farm, CT
Three hijackers arrested, Browns farm, CT. Photo: SAPS

Strides to deal with the scourge of hijackings and other serious crimes in the Nyanga precinct continuously yield positive successes. On Thursday, 4 July 2019, at 07:00, three suspects were arrested for the possession of a hijacked vehicle, possession of an illegal firearm, a dangerous weapon, ammunition and the possession of presumably stolen property.

The vigilant members attached to the Browns Farm Sector Team were on patrols in Phase Six, Browns Farm when they noticed an LDV with three suspicious looking occupants. Following their instincts the members turned their vehicle around, and followed the LDV.

The driver of the LDV accelerated when he saw SAPS following them. Ultimately the LDV driver stopped the vehicle and the occupants jumped out and ran. Members managed to catch one suspect, a 28 year old.

Inside the vehicle police recovered an imitation machine gun rifle, three cellular telephones and a knife. During questioning police discovered the LDV was hijacked on Wednesday in Browns Farm.

While the team was following up on the whereabouts of the two suspects who fled they recovered a .38 Special revolver in a shack and arrested two suspects in Ekungeneni Street, 3rd Avenue in Zwelitsha, Nyanga.

The other two accomplices are still on the run but extensive investigations will be conducted to ascertain whether the trio can be linked to the number of hijackings which had occurred in the area.

The three arrested suspects are due to appear in Athlone Magistrate Court once charged for the possession of an illegal firearm and ammunition, possession of a hijacked vehicle, possession of an imitation firearm, possession of suspected stolen property and dangerous weapon.

The members were commended for the remarkable success as well as their dedication and efforts in rooting out the spate of hijackings in the Nyanga precinct.

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