The umbrella term for Western Cape Independence is simply “Capexit”, which is also a non-profit organisation, and NOT a political party.


In nothing short of an incredible waking-up by the citizens of the Western Cape since the beginning of Lockdown just two years ago, almost 1 million have already registered their demand for a Western Cape Referendum to take place. A referendum asking a simple question, “Do you want the Western Cape to become an Independent Sovereign State?”

In that time, several independence movements have sprung up, 8 political parties have declared themselves in favour of a referendum, with 4 of those stating outright support for independence.

Two independent polls commissioned by the CIAG (Cape Independence Advocacy Group) were carried out by Victory research, a highly reputable research organisation, in 2020 and 2021 showing strong growth in support for independence from one poll to the next. These results were widely published and received with growing hope for a future independent Western Cape, as more than half of the citizenry, regardless of their political persuasion, are clearly in favour of sovereign independence.

Late last year, the DA submitted a private members bill to parliament to update the laws regarding referendums to be inline with the South African Constitution (article 235, the right of self-determination) This bill is currently before parliament.

In January of this year a decision by various independence movements and pro-independence political parties was agreed upon to cooperate with each other towards achieving the only logical, feasible and sustainable solution for economic survival of the Western Cape, namely sovereign independence.

In recent months and weeks, important media organisations such as South Africa Today, Mail & Guardian, Politics Web, IOL and so on have begun publishing interesting articles by various analysts, authors and opinionistas on the subject clearly explaining just how realistic and imperative independence is for the survival of the Western Cape, and how on closer inspection, and surprisingly, this would also be of immense benefit for the rest of South Africa. Furthermore, overwhelming opinion that the DA’s push for devolution of power and Helen Zille’s plan to form a coalition with the ANC in 2024 is doomed to fail, leaving outright independence as the only solution.


On Freedom Day, April 27th 2022, a massive, peaceful family “March for Freedom” with music groups from the Kaapse Klopse and much more, is being planned through the streets of Cape Town, culminating in the handing over of a petition to Alan Winde, Premier of the Western Cape, to hold the referendum so many, from all walks of life, are still politely requesting.

It remains to be seen just how many families recognise the historic significance by actually turning up in their numbers on this public holiday in solidarity with what surely must be seen as a historic moment. One could imagine that this momentous occasion to participate in this peaceful public “display of hope” for all the people of the Western Cape will draw a significant crowd.

After all, they are wanting nothing more than to form a new united nation at the foot of the African continent based on equal opportunity, peace, prosperity and respect for each other’s cultural differences, similarities and mutual dreams for themselves, their children and fellow citizens.


The umbrella term for Western Cape Independence is simply “Capexit”, which is also a non-profit organisation, and NOT a political party, that exists simply to collate in a verifiable and secure manner the names of those requesting a referendum on independence be held. It neither vilifies nor supports any political party. On the contrary, Capexit welcomes everybody over the age of 18, regardless of their race, religion, or which civic movement or political party they may favour, to register their support for an independence referendum on the only central registry for this purpose,


Along with many analysts, political, economic and others, together with other civic movements and institutions, Capexit teams constantly participate in monitoring and researching developing political policy making by all parties and openly comments it’s concerns should any of these developments threaten the future sustainability of a free and independent Western Cape.


Further reading on the mission and vision of Capexit, a registered non-profit organisation, and by far the largest Civic Movement for Independence in South Africa, the future of an independent Western Cape, and how Independence can successfully flourish, can be found on the website , as can registration in support of a referendum on Western Cape Independence, be completed. CapeXit is not a political party!

Andy Winsauer

17th March 2022

Andy Winsauer is a retired director of various leading international Companies based in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and South Africa, and is currently director of the largest pro-independence civic movement in South Africa, CapeXit non-profit organisation.