Strong condemnation after Stilbaai farm murder

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Strong condemnation after Stilbaai farm murder
Strong condemnation after Stilbaai farm murder. Photo: Front Nasionaal SA

Front National would like to express our heartfelt sympathy and condolences with the family of 62 year old Heila Killian who was brutally murdered in a farm attack on 16 April 2018.

Mrs Killian, wife of a retired police colonel from the East Rand, was visiting her sister Brenda and brother-in-law, David Thomas – owners of the Gazania Garden Centre near the peaceful Southern Cape coastal resort of Stilbaai. David moved to South Africa from the United Kingdom some years ago.

While preparing supper around the fire, they were surrounded by 5 black men who tied them up, severely assaulted them and shot mrs Killian in cold blood before running into the night.

Mr and mrs Thomas managed to free themselves and ran to a neighbour who called the police.

In South Africa a white person living in a rural area can no longer stand outside his house on a warm evening having a barbeque with family and friends because evil terrorists attack from the dark and murder without a second thought.

On Sunday around noon FN’s national spokesperson was attacked by a black man on a street corner less than a street block from his home in a peaceful country town and robbed after an attempt to stab him with a screwdriver was fought off. He escaped with minor injuries.

It is therefore even more condemnable that the ANC government and the DA Abroad tries to convince the world that everything in South Africa is going well and that there are no brutal attacks against white people.

It is an infamous and condemnable lie. The death of Heila Killian proves that.

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