Cape police blatantly shoot young suspect dead

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Cape police blatantly shoot young suspect dead
Shot 9 times by police, affirmative action lowering standards? Photo: FNSA

Are modern police officers able to apply sound judgment when dealing with a potential crime situation?

Has affirmative action in the police service not caused people without the necessary skills to run around with weapons unable to realize when their use is justified and when it is not?

On 10 May this year, 24 year old Darren Maggott of Durbanville was shot 9 times by a police officer while sitting behind the wheel of his car, because his car looked like a vehicle that was involved in a robbery at Stellenberg the previous night.

Maggott, who lived with his grandparents in Durbanville, volunteered himself at the police on that Thursday morning after he learned that they were searching for him the previous night because he owned a similar white Nissan to that which was used in the robbery.

Maggott was informed at the police station that there is no evidence connecting him with the crime and that he is not arrested. He left the station and drove around the city for a while before parking near the Plattekloof Dam and rolling his seat back to rest.

He apparently was not aware that the police were looking for him again.

A member of the flying squad observed the vehicle and Maggott was shot nine times.

Can there be justification for a person being shot dead simply because he owns a vehicle that could possibly look like a similar vehicle that was used in a crime?

The SAPS has undertaken to conduct a proper investigation into the incident.

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