Sexual predator at primary school arrested, Parow

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Sexual predator at primary school arrested, Parow
Sexual predator at primary school arrested, Parow

On 11 April 2018 a complaint was received from a primary school in Parow, pertaining to an unknown adult male person who was trying to engage with several learners at the school. It was alleged by several witnesses that the suspect would park his vehicle near the school entrances where he would perform inappropriate sexual deeds in view of the children. This had occurred over a period of time.

A tracing operation was scheduled for Thursday 12 April 2018, where members of the unit performed foot patrols and observations without success. Witnesses were interviewed and their statements were obtained. Some of the learners disclosed that the suspect had offered them money to get into his vehicle but they had declined.

On Friday 13 April 2018, another tracing operation was conducted in the perimeter of the school but the suspect seemed evasive. On Monday the investigating officer, Detective Sergeant Randall Davids and his colleague Detective Sergeant Conrad Van Zyl conducted a sting operation at the school and the suspect’s vehicle was spotted in the vicinity.

As they approached the vehicle, they noticed that the driver matched the description as furnished by the witnesses. They requested the driver to exit the vehicle and they noticed that his pants were still down. They subsequently arrested him.

A search warrant was obtained and executed, where several electronic devices containing pornographic material involving children were seized. These were booked in for analysis. The 47 year old suspect is due to appear in the Bellville Magistrate’s Court on 2018-04-18 on charges of (1) unlawfully and intentionally compel or cause a child to be present at or to watch the commission of a sexual offence. (2) unlawfully and intentionally expose/display or cause the exposure/display of the genital organs, anus or female breasts to a child younger than 18 years (flashing) (3) unlawful possession of film, game or publication with depictions, descriptions/scenes of child pornography or which advertises or promotes it or sexual exploitation of children (possession of child pornography)

The investigating officer proved that hard work, patience and dedication produce fruitful results. We thank all the members of the unit for their tireless efforts to help keep our children safe.

Safety tips for children – Never walk alone to and from school. Always walk in a group or accompanied by an adult. Never get into a vehicle of a stranger or accept any money from strangers. Report any unusual or suspicious vehicles or adults loitering around home or school to an adult. Should any child find themselves in a situation where they have been approached by a suspect adult, they should run away, scream if necessary and report the matter to an adult immediately.

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