Serial rapist arrested on 11 cases, Hermanus

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Serial rapist arrested on 11 cases, Hermanus
Serial rapist arrested on 11 cases, Hermanus

Crimes against women and children are on top of our list as priority crimes and every endeavour will be made to apprehend perpetrators, as indicated with the arrest of a serial rapist in Hermanus recently.

During the period September 2015 until March 2018 a suspected serial rapist has been operating in the Zwelihle, Hermanus area. During March 2016 the dockets were handed over to the Serial and Electronic Crimes Investigations (SECI) FCS unit for further investigation.

By that time there were five cases with the same modus operandi. All the cases were linked with the same DNA. The identity of the suspect was unknown. According to the victims an unknown male in his mid to late twenties approaches them while they are walking alone in the Zwelihle informal settlement. He then forced them mostly with a knife to walk with him to a deserted area where they are robbed and raped.

Most of the crime scenes were at an old dumping area known as the “MOP.” In most cases the suspect had a balaclava or stocking over his face which made identity of the suspect very difficult.

During the following months more similar cases were reported. On 3 March 2018, there was another rape reported with the same modus operandi. On4 March 2018, at 00:30 members of SAPS Hermanus was on patrol when they spotted a suspicious male in the vicinity of the “MOP”. They arrested the 29 year old male and detained him at Hermanus on the last rape case. He was found in possession of a balaclava, a stocking, a knife and a roll of toilet paper.

Due to a lack of evidence, he was subsequently released. Fortunately a buccal swab was taken from him and sent to the Forensic Science Laboratory. On 24 May 2018, the DNA result linked the suspect to 11 cases.

The next day the suspect was arrested and appeared in Hermanus court on Monday,28 May 2018, for his first appearance. The case was postponed and he will remain in custody.

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