Proof, ‘ANC behind riots, land grabs, Hermanus’

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Proof, ‘ANC behind riots, land grabs, Hermanus’
Proof, 'ANC behind riots, land grabs, Hermanus'. Photo: Front Nasionaal SA

Just when we thought that the ANC Government cannot stoop any lower, as sure rain, they showed us that anything is possible. The ANC Government will not hesitate to place their citizens lives at risk, just to achieve their own diabolical goals.

We can now confirm that the ANC Government along with their bed-fellows the EFF, is behind the terrible riots and anarchy in Hermanus.

The last few days, the once quiet town of Hermanus has been left in ruins, that can only be described as a war zone similar to Afghanistan or Iraq. Even a police station and police vehicles were burnt to the ground with shops and building laying in ruins.

With the SAPS seemingly helpless to control the situation. The whole town came to a virtual standstill with businesses and schools closing down and scared residents locked in their houses with many not having any food to eat. Over 50 000 residents were affected by the riots. The ANC left their citizens helpless, defenseless and exposed to incredible danger. It seems that playing party politics with people’s lives is part of their strategy.

There have been a lot of speculation and rumors were rife who were actually behind the riots and land grabs, but no specific person could be pinpointed as the real culprit.

But you see, the truth has a canny way of coming out. During a government visit in the aftermath of the Hermanus riots , ANC MP Dugmore was caught and photographed redhanded typing the following message on his cellphone : “This is a campaign we must lead and drive in terms of our policies. We must also look at well located private land and consider….”

It is a well known fact that the ANC Government has adopted the policy of “expropriation without compensation”. Coupled with the remarks made by the then Secretary General of the ANC, Gwede Mantashe, that whites should volunteer their land to avert anarchy also saying further that the situation in Zimbabwe will be a picnic compared to what will happen in South Africa, things are becoming very clear.

Let us connect the dots. Ostensibly the ANC Government creates a dire situation by using affiliates and proxies to do their dirty work. The resulting anarchy then instills fear into the desired target. They are the perfect puppet masters, creating the impression that they are not in anyway directly involved. Of course, the chaos creates the desired result and the perfect outcome. Out of desperation and fearing for their safety, white people then hand over their property and therefore creating the false impression they handed over their property voluntarily. This is an old communist ruse and the ANC Government has a lot of experience in that department. Remember, they got their training in communist China and Russia.

The end game is clear: It is about absolute and unfettered power. It is about unlimited control over all resources. To achieve their end-goal, our Government divide our country along racial lines. It starts with politicians dividing the people between us vs them. It starts with hate-speech and intolerance. And when people becomes desensitized, they stop caring and turns a blind eye It is easier to control a broken country than to govern a strong and unified people.

Yesterday’s terrorist becomes todays freedom fighter and tomorrows oppressor.

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