Nyanga sexual offences unit secure hefty sentences

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Nyanga sexual offences unit secure hefty sentences
Nyanga sexual offences unit secure hefty sentences

Members of the dedicated Nyanga Cluster Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences Unit (FCS) were successful in two cases which were brought before the Wynberg Regional Court.

In two separate incidents the perpetrators received more than 75 years’ sentences. The FCS Unit is tasked with investigating all serious and violent sexual crimes perpetrated against the women and children in our communities.

In the first incident, 37 year old Anwar Ryklief was sentenced to life imprisonment for the rape of a 23 year old mentally challenged young woman.

The incident occurred on 7 March 2015 when the young woman was alone at home, as her care giver had gone out. Anwar lured her out of the house with the promise of giving her money.

When she got to his house, which was just across the road, he raped her. The incident was reported by her 56 year old father after she informed him of what had happened. On 29 March 2018 Anwar Ryklief was sentenced to life imprisonment for the sexual assault of the 23 year old victim. He started serving his sentence with immediate effect.

In a second incident, 23 year old Khanya Makuzeni of Philippi East was sentenced to 75 years direct imprisonment for the rape of two 19 year old girls on 5 July 2016.

Khanya Makuzeni accosted the girls while they were walking and he pointed a firearm at them and threatened them, using vulgar language. He took both girls to an open field in Lower Crossroads where he raped the first 19 year old. He then took them to a shack where he kept them overnight and raped the second 19 year old girl. He was sentenced in the Wynberg Regional Court to a total of 75 years imprisonment for the rape of both girls.

Crimes against women and children are at the top of our priority list as the SAPS and every endeavour will be made to apprehend perpetrators.

The investigating officers were commended for their commitment and dedication when tasked with such a sensitive and emotional investigation.

These successes show that our FCS detectives are highly professional and skilled in investigating sensitive crimes perpetrated against our women and children by earning the victims’ trust, so that the perpetrators may be brought to book.

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