New violent protest tactic

New violent protest tactic

In the early hours of this morning, chaos erupted on Baden Powell Drive, the scene of recent violent protests relating to a new housing development, and now with suspected extortion attempts.

Our Metro Police Tactical Response Unit was despatched, while waiting for the SAPS Public Order Policing unit to be deployed.

Upon arrival, members discovered a trench had been dug across the entire width of the road, approximately 1.5m deep, and had already caused its first accident after a motorist had driven into it.

Such a trench can only have been created so quickly, where power tools and heavy construction machinery was used.

Metro Police continued protecting staff from our Roads and Stormwater dept, while they filled the trench and restored the road during the day.

Members patrolling the rest of Baden Powell Drive came across a vehicle stopped on the side and an apparent hijacking in progress. The assailant took flight and made his getaway over the rough terrain, but not before dropping his possessions. Inside this, officers found a firearm.

As crime surges across our country, in Cape Town we have repeatedly invested in our enforcement and emergency services over the years and have bolstered our resources. It’s a decision we do not regret and will continue to do more for our citizens as the failures of our national government fails all South Africans.

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