Motorists injured, vehicles burnt as land invading mob attack the N2 – Cape Town

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Motorists injured, vehicles burnt as land invading mob attack the N2 – Cape Town
Motorists injured, vehicles burnt as land invading mob attack the N2 - Cape Town. Photo: Pixabay

First “our people” invaded land next to the highway illegally – nobody told them to go and stay there – and now “our people” have unleashed a campaign of terror to demand that the tin shacks which they haphazardly erected illegally on the N2 highway reserve land be provided with running water and electricity ( for free of course).

Just so that another permanent squatter camp can be erected next to Cape Town’s highways, so that these economic migrants from the Eastern Cape can create another crime hotspot used to harbour tsotsis robbing and stoning motorists on a regular basis.

This is the reality of socialism because these land invasions are popularized in the left wing liberal mainstream media (MSM).

The perpetrators of this outright terrorism which happened are painted as victims, not villains. This type of black terrorism will go on as long as people support left wing radical liberal MSM. Remember these land invaders stayed somewhere before, some of them park fancy cars next to the tin shacks. Many of “our people” also erect several of these tin shacks and then rent it out. We also predicted as soon as the tin shacks went up that the terrorism would follow soon and it did.

Three men sustained head injuries when these land invaders stoned cars on the N2 next to Khayelitsha on Thursday 12 November 2020, blocked the road with burning tyres and burnt vehicles.

The land invaders burnt out three Golden Arrow busses, a Checkers truck, a private vehicle and two digger machines.

A spokesperson for the City of Cape Town told the media that the City of Cape Town did advise the invaders that the invaded land next to N2 is not fit for human settlement (too swampy for instance) besides it being reserve land for an important highway. The invaders did not listen to the advice given to them and did as they please.

The City of Cape Town had to suspend the Dial-a-Ride bus service which transport people with special needs in places such as Khayelitsha and Philippi as a result of the violence. The Golden Arrow bus service to Makhaza, Khayelitsha also had to be suspended. The N2 highway and Baden Powell drive had to be closed.

So the rights of thousands of hard working people were taken away to get to work safely because illegal land invaders use a clear terrorist strategy to achieve their aims.

The liberal MSM will also never apologize for promoting the socialist agenda which popularize such barbaric behaviour. The only way ordinary hard working members of the public – and there are millions of them – have to protect their rights is to boycott the small band of socialists and communists who run MSM, by not buying newspapers and not using their digital outlets.

Failing this we will always live under this type of #BlackWar #TheAfricanWay

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