Minister of police attacks local government over Marikana

Minister of police attacks local government over Marikana
Minister of police attacks local government over Marikana. Photo: SAPS

The Minister of Police, Mr Fikile Mbalula ordinarily doesn’t respond to people like Mmusi Maimane, who make it their business to tell lies while absconding on their responsibilities.

“I really don’t want to respond to Mr Maimane but failure to do so, may make his false statement as the gospel truth. I am more than convinced that Mmusi has never set foot in Marikana, Phillipi East, because if he did, he will know that the big challenge of Marikana is that of proper human habitation. Mmusi will know, if he cared to visit Marikana that, in Marikana there is no electricity, streets, which in main are basic things that allow proper policing. Therefore I expect Mmusi and his government to provide these basic service to our people instead of leading from conference podiums.” Mbalula said.

Minister Mbalula, stressed that it is a collective responsibility, that elected representatives must do everything in their power to liberate South Africans from socio economic challenges they find themselves in, instead of seeking to score cheap political points.

“When the tragic death of our people happened, we descended in Phillipi East, where we met Generals of Police, the bereaved families and the mourning community of Marikana, we did this not to seek glory but to be intimate with the pain our people were in, but above all to learn what we can do, together with them. I can confirm to Mmusi that in the center of grievances of people of Marikana was bad lighting which is the competency of the local government. I must remind Mmusi that Marikana falls in the City of Cape Town Metropolitan Municipality, under the government of the Democratic Alliance, which he leads.” Mbalula added.

According to the Times live, on the article written by Farren Collins, the Cape Town high court ordered the City of Cape Town to purchase the privately owned land where Marikana is situated, to bring much needed service delivery to 60,000 residents. But the City has decided to appeal this ruling that will bring much relief to people of Marikana.

Farren wrote in his article, “Marikana residents have no access to electricity, running water or sanitation, and a severe lack of lighting has made crime in the area commonplace and difficult to police.”

The Phillipi East police station is currently under the new station commander, Col, Bongani Mthakathi, there are 40 additional police officers that will be deployed in Phillipi East Police Station, as well as 6 more vehicles.

“We still have a long way to ensure that our people live in security and comfort, as envisaged by the Freedom Charter, but as Amilcar Cabral said, hide nothing from the masses of our people. Tell no lies. Expose lies whenever they are told. Mask no difficulties, mistakes, failures. Claim no easy victories.” Mbalula added.

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