K9 unit sniffs out R1 million worth of drugs, Beaufort West

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K9 unit sniffs out R1 million worth of drugs, Beaufort West
K9 unit sniffs out R1 million worth of drugs, Beaufort West

The vigilance of members attached to Central Karoo K9 (Beaufort West) who manned a strategically placed Vehicle Check Point (VCP) on the N1, just outside Beaufort West, ensured that a 25-year old female accused from Johannesburg finds herself behind bars after members found 12 000 Mandrax tablets with an estimated value of R600 0000-00 (Six hundred thousand rand) in her possession.

On Sunday morning 14 November 2021, members were busy with routine inspections on the N1 when they pulled over a passenger bus that was en-route from Johannesburg to Cape Town. They ensued with a search upon which the Narcotics dog, Angie, reacted positively on two bags suspected to carry illicit drugs.

With further investigation members found 12 sealed plastic bags containing the 12 000 Mandrax tablets.

Members subsequently arrested the suspect and confiscated the find.

The suspect is scheduled to appear in the Beaufort-West magistrates’ court later today. Monday, 15 November 2021 on a charge of Dealing in Illicit Drugs (Dagga). The investigation is conducted by the Provincial Organised Crime Investigation’s Narcotics section based in Beaufort West.

In addition to the Mandrax bust, members attached to the same K9 Unit operationalized information received from the public on Saturday morning, 13 November 2021 about a passenger bus travelling towards Cape Town that have a consignment drugs on board.

The bus was pulled over and with the search that ensued, with the assistance of Narcotics detection dog Angie who also reacted positively on a huge luggage bag.

Further investigation revealed that the bag was stashed with 54 parcels of dagga weighing 62,3 kg worth to the approximate estimated value of R150 000. Although no one was arrested or could be linked to the find at the time, we believe that the illicit drug trade has received yet another blow.

Provincial Management has commented the members involved for their vigilance and commitment to rid our streets and communities from the scourge of drug abuse that is contributing to the commission of other serious and violent crimes, including Gender-based violence.

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