Jill Fernandez ‘murder’: Police set the record straight

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Jill Fernandez ‘murder’: Police set the record straight
Jill Fernandez 'murder': Police set the record straight

After the publication of an article in the Daily Voice newspaper as well as social media communication pertaining to the perceived failure of the SAPS to properly investigate the “murder” of Jill Fernandez, the SAPS in the Western Cape has been working behind the scenes verifying facts following the above mentioned article published in the Daily Voice of 14 August 2019, under the headline: Jill Fernandez’s ‘killer berk’ set free.

Due to the fact that this is an emotive issue because a life was lost, we had to treat the case with the sensitivity it deserves.

In the article and on social media, claims were made about the victim (49 year old Jill Fernandez) who was allegedly assaulted and left to die by her boyfriend. In the media report it is further alleged that the assault took place in the street on 22 December 2018, where the victim was hit with a concrete slab.

The article which quotes the brother of the deceased (named Kurt), alleges that the case was thrown out of court due to the failure of the investigator to do a proper investigation. As the SAPS we are mandated by law to investigate all reported cases. It was therefore befitting that the case be given another look. Part of that entailed the inspection of the docket again.

Findings of that subsequent investigation reveal the following:

·The case went to court and the delay in obtaining the post mortem report had nothing to do with the SAPS investigator, Sgt Esterhuizen.

·Only the Department of Health’s Forensic Pathology Services can further explain its time frames in terms of their turnaround period for post mortem reports.

·A medical report at the disposal of the SAPS, which was presented as part of the docket to court does not suggest any form of injury on the 49 year old person who was brought to the Vanguard Day Hospital on 22 December 2018 at 22:30.

·The post mortem report which was availed to the investigating officer, Sgt Esterhuizen in April 2019 reflects no injury consistent with claims made by the deceased’s brother Kurt. The post mortem report compiled by a forensic pathologist, found that the deceased died of natural causes.

·The findings of the post mortem report, coupled with the Vanguard Day hospital report led to the case being withdrawn as there was no evidence to support the eye witness account of a concrete slab being thrown at the deceased thereby injuring her seriously.

·It is on this basis we as the SAPS wish to refute the claims contained in the Daily Voice article and on social media platforms suggesting a poor investigation conducted by Sgt Esterhuizen.

Gender-based violence is a priority for the SAPS. As a law enforcement agency we remain committed to solving all reported cases. Through the criminal justice system with our counterparts we undertake to bring all perpetrators of crime to book.

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