Hout Bay riots persist

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Hout Bay riots persist
Hout Bay riots persist - Image - Die Vryburger

Two metro police officers and a youth were injured during the ongoing Hout Bay protests by residents over fish quotas.

The Department of Fisheries says the actions of the protesters are premature as the allocation of quotas is still in process.

A decision on how many fish quotas have to be cut has not yet been taken.

Meanwhile, it seems that this is not the only reason for the protest.

In the vicinity of Hout Bay, namely Kleinmond, Rooiels and Bettys Bay, there are also protests that seem to be on land and housing. Residents asked social message in a voice message for people to pray for them because the protesters threatened to burn white houses. They call the areas a war zone. Residents tried to stop taxis on roads, but the occupants climbed out and went on foot over the mountain with the threat of burning white houses if they cannot get land and houses.

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