Gangs thwarted with 338 arrests in Nyanga area

Gangs thwarted with 338 arrests in Nyanga area
Gangs thwarted with 338 arrests in Nyanga area

Police Management in the Nyanga Cluster have expressed their gratitude to all members under its command for their diligence and passion in serving the community within the Nyanga Cluster precinct.

They are grateful to all our external partners in crime prevention, which include Metro police, Law Enforcement and Traffic Services. Community structures such as NHW and street committees have also ensured the safety of SAPS members within the various policing precincts. These partnerships are critical in making inroads to bring about calm and stability to gang affected areas.

The new school term starts this week and members will be patrolling the precincts in and around educational facilities to ensure the areas are kept safe, conducive for learning for every young person. We will continue to engage with our youth instilling a sense of pride in them so that their choices in life could be positive.

Three hundred and thirty eight people were arrested during intelligence driven operations within the Nyanga Cluster precinct. These people were arrested for various crimes, ranging from possession of drugs, crimes against women and children and possession of illegal firearms. The Nyanga Cluster Precinct SAPS members were highly successful in combating criminal and gang activities.

The Nyanga Cluster was challenged with an increase in gang activity, but the precinct was stabilized by diligent and committed SAPS members that had a zero tolerance approach, targeting hot spot areas and identified high flyers.

Commanders were tasked and sensitized on identifying early warnings and acting on information received from community, saturating problematic areas with additional policing. This approach is to clamp down on all criminal activity including gangs.

98 identified drug houses were searched resulting in 207 persons arrested and drugs confiscated including
31 grams of Heroin, 597 units Tik, 14545 Mandrax Tablets, 62.38 units Cocaine, 4635 Grams Dagga.

Four illegal and unlicensed firearms were confiscated and five persons arrested.

128 shebeen operations were conducted and 303.6 litres of alcohol confiscated.

Alcohol remains a leading substance in crime against women and children. It also contributes to increases in contact crimes, leading to the social moral decay within communities, 47 crimes against women and children were reported and dealt with. Members are sensitized on ensuring that the perpetrators are brought in so that complainants are not suffering secondary trauma. 41 arrests were made and cases will receive attention to finalise matters.

Anyone with information regarding crime or illegal gang activity can contact their nearest police station or Crime Stop 086010111.

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