Farms being deliberately set on fire, Paarl

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Farms being deliberately set on fire, Paarl
Farms being deliberately set on fire, Paarl. Photo: DFW

‘Deliberate setting a farm and crop alight is an act of terrorism’. Drakenstein Farm Watch (DFW) fire and rescue volunteers have their hands full of late on many start-up fires.

In Paarl, on 7 January 2022, the DFW Fire and rescue volunteers were called to fight a fire on Ashantie farm Paarl, this was the 3rd time in a week.

The previous times, the DFW teams were so fast on site, that it was suppressed in minutes.

On 7 January 2022, however, the flames gained momentum due to wind and warm temperatures and ignited the grape orchards. Three DFW fire cruisers responded as well as a DFW 4×4 fire truck with water canon. From 3 different angles the field and orchard fire was taken on.

The experience and tactics proved successful.

The grape orchard is lost, but the fire did not spread to neighboring farms.

The DFW fire and rescue entity is a private fire fighting force, privately funded by donors and sponsors and the well trained and equipped volunteers already saved many lives, farms and dwellings.

Beside fire, the group concentrates on emergency medical response as well and many volunteers go out day or night to save live.
The fire season is in full swing and any fire or smoke should be reported asap to the authorities or call the DFW control room on 0860666662.

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