Farm burglary thwarted after prompt response, Drakenstein, WC

Drakenstein Farm Watch

Farm burglary thwarted after prompt response, Drakenstein, WC
Farm burglary thwarted after prompt response, Drakenstein, WC. Photo: DFW

On the morning of 24 July 2023, a farm burglary and theft of cables was thwarted in the Drakenstein Municipality area, in the Western Cape province of South Africa.

Four invaders were seen busy breaking in at a farm house cottage and cutting the power cables.

The incident was reported over the Drakenstein Farm Watch (DFW) emergency network.

Many farms and businesses in the Paarl and Wellington Rural areas are members and connected to the DFW emergency control centre from where rapid response and back-up teams are dispatched.

The DFW has an affiliation with the Fidelity Services Group and all FADT Armed response teams and vehicles.

This partnership has proved its worth time after time, security, fire and emergency medical response is under a 1 button call.

People are reminded that the correct information and the exact location are promptly forwarded on all groups to minimize delays and to avoid possible greater tragedies from occurring.

In minutes, teams were on the scene and, although fast on site, the culprits ran as they heard the vehicles approaching.

The damage was done, but nothing taken.

Police are investigating but there have been no arrests.

Information supplied by Drakenstein Farm Watch

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