False R560k armed robbery case against police, suspect arrested, CT

South African Police Service

False R560k armed robbery case against police, suspect arrested, CT
False R560k armed robbery case against police, suspect arrested, CT. Photo: SAPS

The South African Police Service wants to warn the public to refrain from reporting false cases as this constitutes a crime. All reported incidents will be investigated thoroughly and false claims are usually detected during this process.

On 19 December 2019, the complainant opened a case of armed robbery at Cape Town Central SAPS and reported that he was robbed by police officers of an amount of R560 000 and three cellphones. The complainant was interviewed on the same day and taken to crime scene. After further investigation it was found that there is a CCTV camera mounted outside where the crime occurred and the footage was viewed and nothing could be seen of the incident that had been reported.

The investigating officer approached the complainant of his findings and the complainant later informed the investigating officer he lied and had made up the whole story and that he was never robbed because he had lost the money that was meant for his employer and opened a false case.

The suspect also tried to bribe the investigating officer with R10 000 to make the case disappear. He took the investigating officer to his house where money to the total of R247 000 was seized which was booked in as exhibit. The suspect informed the investigating officer that there was never R560 000.

He stated he had made it all up to inform his employer he was robbed.

The 39 year old suspect was arrested and detained on charges of perjury and bribery. The arrested suspect is due to appear in the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court on Monday, 23 December 2019 on the mentioned charges.

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