Express kidnapping gets express response

Express kidnapping gets express response

Auxiliary officers were on patrol and recieved information about a hijacked Chevrolet Spark earlier in the evening, where the suspects had kidnapped the victim, withdrawing funds from the victims bank card and selling her phone. She was released approximately four hours later, unharmed.

At approximately 23h00, Auxiliary Officers were patrolling the Wynberg & Plumstead area when they spotted the hijacked vehicle on Main Road. As the officers attempted to pull the vehicle over, the driver picked up speed and dangerously overtook vehicles in an attempt to evade the officers.

After a short pursuit and brief scuffle, officers successfully stopped the vehicle, arresting a male and female occupant.

On searching the occupants and vehicle, cash believed to be from the sale of the mobile phone and ATM withdrawal, a replica gas firearm, stolen clothing items and a knife was found.

The occupants were arrested and charged with the following:
1. Possession of a hijacked motor vehicle.
2. Possession of a replica firearm.
3. Possession of suspected stolen property.
4. Reckless and Negligent Driving (Driver)
5. Possession of Dangerous Weapon (Driver)
6. Resisting Arrest (Driver)

Further charges relating to the Hijacking & Kidnapping will be added.

The male suspect had just been released from Pollsmoor prison two weeks prior and has a lengthy criminal record.

The suspects were detained at Diep River SAPS and are expected to appear in court on Monday.

Referred to as an “express kidnapping,” victims are often held hostage as perpetrators hold them hostage and force them to maximize withdrawal limits and access to funds, even over several days.

The vigilant actions of the Law Enforcement Auxiliary volunteers, again demonstrate Cape Town has an endless supply of law abiding, crime fighting residents, determined to hold the line between good and evil.

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