DA, council and media: ‘Lies and cover up’ leading to Clifton beach sheep slaughtering

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DA, council and media: ‘Lies and cover up’ leading to Clifton beach sheep slaughtering
DA, council and media: 'Lies and cover up' leading to sheep slaughtering

The DA Mayor of Cape Town, Dan Plato, has promised an investigation into the incident in which people were asked to leave Clifton beach and which then led to a sheep being slaughtered in a ritual sacrifice to cast out the “evil spirit of racism”. The DA and the Metro are blaming the private security firm, PPA, for the incident and the media is blowing up the situation and thus helping to put the blame on PPA.

Of course, the ANC, EFF and BLF are at the forefront of getting racial miles out of the event.

But the DA is lying. Because Front National has now heard from a resident what the truth behind the story is and her version is in fact backed up by the media’s own photo.

Clifton’s Blue Flag Beach is a popular tourist destination. However, about 2 months ago, it started to become the hangout of criminals and loafers and people have occasionally been attacked and robbed at night in the parking lot and on the stairs. There were alleged attempts of rape, gang fighting in the night hours and the place was filthy in the mornings full of of human excrement and urine.

No less than 2 urgent meetings were held between the DA Councilor for the Atlantic Seafront (since retired), Cape Town police chiefs and community safety in the area. Both meetings agreed that a more serious crime such as murder, armed robbery or rape on Clifton was just a matter of time.

On the Saturday night of the particular incident several residents complained about the noise on the beach that this noise disturbed their rest and peace. Law enforcement officers arrived – SAPS, Metro Police and Traffic Officers. At that stage, they asked the PPA officers to help remove the noisy people … please note. Asked.

And everyone is requested to leave the beach. It was not the security companies fault that the noise makers were of just one racial group!

On the media’s photo there are only two men with blue jackets and khaki pants … the clothing of PPA officials. The rest of the men are wearing blue uniforms of the official law enforcement agencies.

Why then:

1) Does the media keep on with the misrepresentation that PPA alone was responsible?

2) Has the DA thrown PPA under the bus? Is it because they are too paralyzed to admit that their own law enforcement officers removed the troublemakers and now that the ANC and EFF have successfully succeeded in turning it into a racist issue? Is political correctness and a fear of losing black votes in the 2019 election driving this transparent ‘ruge’?

As with all political scams, the truth has come out here as well. Front National asks you to use your own judgment.

In the picture below: How many PPA men do you see there? And on whose authority were the rest there, other than from the Metro Council of Dan Plato and the DA, who are now trying to transfer the responsibility on to the two white men who simply did their job?

(With acknowledgement of Sandy Wells of Clifton.)

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