Clifton beach: Sheep’s throat cut to expel the ‘evil spirit of racism’

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Clifton beach: Sheep's throat cut to expel the 'evil spirit of racism'. Photo: FNSA
Clifton beach: Sheep's throat cut to expel the 'evil spirit of racism'. Photo: FNSA

And so a lot of barbarians descended on Clifton beach, Cape town and cut a sheep’s throat to expel the “evil spirit of racism”. The SAPS and the media are just standing around while one of the old english ladies loudly protests against this action and is bumped around.

Let’s see what we can learn from this:

1) It is 2018 and a sheep is killed in the most cruel way imaginable as a ritual sacrifice to the ancestor Makhanda to expel the evil spirits.

Are there any people in this country who believe that a civilized, Western people can be part of this superstitious, bloodthirsty savagery?

2) A whole bunch of people are going to go complain because “nothing is done!” The law prohibits fires on the beach, and certainly also sheep slaughtering. The event was openly advertised in advance with contact numbers. The authorities are standing by and watching not one, not two, but many laws being violated.

Are there any people in this country who believe there is law enforcement from the government to protect the citizens? It’s government’s voters that are doing this! Just get over the illusion that you can report or prosecute these barbarian criminals with their own authorities. It just won’t happen.

3) Clifton is one of the liberal, rich areas of Cape Town. That lady that is objecting is a symbol of the white South Africans who have been making a noise for decades to create this ‘New South Africa’ as it is today and now that there has been slaughtering of a sheep on her doorstep and the expelling of spirits, it’s getting difficult but it’s too late.

When warned where the country was heading, you and your neighbors along with the sheep slaughterers have been shouting “racism!”. Unfortunately, we can’t do anything for you now.

There is no longer any way to correct this mess.

We need to get out and vote for self determination. That’s all.

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Demonic slaughter of a sheep at Clifton Beach

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