Christmas eve farm attack, attackers meet their match, Paarl

Drakenstein Farm watch

Christmas eve farm attack, attackers meet their match, Paarl
Christmas eve farm attack, attackers meet their match, Paarl

On Christmas eve at 21:15 a farm family in the Rural area of Paarl, were having their Christmas gathering and enjoying the celebration of the birth of christ. They had no idea, they were being watched by at least two attackers wearing balaclavas, who were dropped of by a vehicle to commit the attack.

The attackers had cut through the fence and apparently tried to open the main house windows to gain entry, while the family was on the stoep. One of the farmers sons went to and get something from his vehicle, when he stumbled upon them. One of the men, hit the son with a blunt item on the side of the face, causing injuries. A fight ensued which drew the attention of the family and one of the attackers was apprehended.

The brave son, was taken to hospital for stitches. Within minutes, the drakenstein Farm watch was allerted regarding one other attacker who was still on the loose and assistance was needed. The massive radio network and the control room operators played an important role in the coordination of the efforts.

Many armed response members of the drakenstein Farm watch were enjoying dinner with family as well, but without hesitation a big group responded to the outcry and in numbers the area was searched, joined by the farm watch partners Fidelity ADT.

It was clear, that the attackers had bad intentions. A cell phone was retrieved and it was clear, there had been contact with the outside during the attempted robbery. It became also clear, it was a call to the pick up vehicle.
Now a plan was made and the joint teams of Fidelity ADT and the Farm watch crew went into hiding, waiting for the pick up car to show.

The tactic was successful and little later a vehicle slowly entered the trap, not knowing he was already watched when he entered the area. On the spot of the attack, the vehicle was stopped and the driver apprehended. The cell phone of the driver had the last dialed number of the attackers still on it.

Police were called to take over the arrest and to go and see all evidence gathered incl video footage.
Christmas eve 2018 got a slightly different ending to what the attackers had in mind.

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