Andy Winsauer


The predicted dramatic decline suffered by the DA in the past Local Government elections, especially in the Western Cape, has them desperately scrambling for “Vote bait” leading up to the 2024 National and Provincial government elections to recover some of their hundreds of thousands of lost Western Cape voters.

After John Steenhuizen, supported by Alan Winde and Helen Zille, stated that talking about independence was a waste of time, they were confronted with needing “Vote bait” to limit the damage caused by their negative stance on independence amongst some 60% of their own voters in the Western Cape who, according to an important independent poll by Victory research, support independence. This resulted in the loss of a few hundred thousand WC voters going mainly to the Freedom Front Plus and the Cape Coloured Congress, while many simply didn’t vote.


Vote DA to avoid the ANC getting back into the Western Cape …. “Vote bait” that proved false

Voting for smaller parties will split the vote and allow the ANC into the Western Cape … “Vote bait” that proved false

The DA needs absolute power as coalitions don’t work …. “Vote bait” that proved false

The DA is to submit a private members bill on referendums …. “Vote bait” yet to be delivered

Vote for change, vote DA …. “Vote bait” for two decades despite an ever-worsening situation


Helen Zille very eloquently described her tactic for the 2024 elections in a recent public presentation on Biz News, where she explained how she would like to form a national coalition with the ANC (!!).

She went on to say that the DA had made many “Fatal Mistakes” by forming coalitions with the wrong parties.

What happened to their vow to remove the ANC from government?

The various Western Cape independence movements were pleased to accept the DA’s undertaking to submit a private members bill before the end of last year in order to have the laws on referendums brought into line with the constitution, article 235, and then to hold a referendum on Western Cape independence.

However, as predicted, to date they have still not done so, nor have they reacted to many requests for clarity on why it has not yet been done as promised or when they will do so.

Maybe their pre-election promise to submit the Bill was just pre-election “Vote Bait” from the massive pressure caused by the ever louder call for Western Cape independence.

We’ll have to wait and see.


The call by the DA to gain control of the Police in the Western Cape sounds wonderful to the unsuspecting voter and is therefore perfect “Vote Bait” to catch voters off guard leading up to the 2024 elections.

Most people won’t bother questioning this idea or its disastrous consequences, as it all sounds logical on the surface.

In the unlikely event that the ANC actually agrees, they will undoubtedly have ulterior motives and conditions attached, quite possibly in a backroom coalition deal between the ANC and the DA to save each other after the 2024 elections.

However, it will be the perfect way for the ANC to trap the WC into a no-win situation, and with it, the people of the Western Cape, while delaying their call for independence by at least 20 years.

By underfunding and increasingly bussing in unemployed people to the WC, they will increase desperation, crime, and violence rendering the Western Cape ungovernable and thereby make policing unaffordable for the WC government, other than by the DA further taxing its own local citizens to even more unbearable levels.

While it is a step in a new direction, unfortunately it’s a step in the wrong direction leading straight into a Cul-de-Sac and another “fatal mistake” by Hellen Zille’s Democratic Alliance.


If the ANC concedes some control, the DA will claim to have proved their worth as an opposition party and claim to be dealing with the “good part” of the ANC. Believe that if you like, but at your peril…

To avoid losing face, the ANC will spin the story of it being an important policy decision and a wise move by the ANC to address the problems of the Western Cape, while quietly ramping up bussing in unemployed and desperate people from outside of the WC.

Thereafter the games will begin and the chance of the ANC taking any notice of their coalition partner in national government, half its size at best, will be virtually zero as they watch the demise of governability of the WC with glee, while the DA continues to cry foul to no effect.

At some point, the ANC will simply take back control of the police and blame the failure squarely at the feet of the DA.

Back to square one and ripe for the RET faction and the EFF to gain massive traction as poverty and unemployment continues to drag the country and the masses along the bottom of the misery barrel. Undoubtedly leading to highly probable and catastrophic bloodshed born out of prolonged desperation, maybe sooner than we think.


Devolution of control is a huge Trap that must be avoided at all costs, especially in a country that has no structure or culture to support any form of federalism, and therefore is a fundamentally flawed and predictably doomed plan.

The only realistic solution for minority groups and the Western Cape to survive in Southern Africa, is therefore the establishment of a sovereign independent Western Cape.

A negotiated “Velvet Divorce” without the historic scourge of Tribalism again raising its ugly head through racialism and the imminent threat of xenophobia busy ruining any attempts at true democracy remains the only sensible alternative.

The people of the Western Cape, and especially the loyal supporters of the DA, must under no circumstances allow the “vote bait” around devolving policing powers to blind them into supporting the notion of devolution of power within the current South African construct as opposed to solidly supporting outright independence, no matter how good it sounds at first glance.

If the electorate of the Western Cape allows itself to be fooled yet again, it will undoubtedly be confronted with the question of independence in 20 to 25 years’ time, after two more decades of racism, poverty, violence, misery, exorbitant taxation and total economic collapse.


Currently, as the ruling provincial government, the policy plan of the DA is the single biggest obstacle to a fantastic future for the Western Cape and an improving one for the rest of South Africa.

Almost 1 million people already, of which roughly half are DA voters, are telling this to the DA leadership every single day.

Simply by registering their mandate on the central database for independence, , established for the purpose of determining the true will of the people of the Western Cape, the DA leadership must listen to its voters.

It seems that the newly formed Kaapse Forum, an offshoot of Afriforum, is still thinking that “something is better than nothing and it’s a step in the right direction”. They are, however, badly mistaken and should be talking “WC independence” as opposed to delaying the drive for independence by siding with the DA on the idea of “devolution of power”.

Let’s hope that the DA leadership of the Western Cape listens carefully to the 826.000+ citizens, of whom approximately 480.000 are DA voters, still asking politely, and who have already registered their Capexit mandates.

The DA needs to officially adjust its plans to support Independence, instead of many of its closet councillors whispering that they personally support independence while their leaders oppose it.

At a peaceful march in Cape Town on Freedom Day, the 27th of April, Premier Alan Winde had agreed to receive a petition and a written request representing these 826.000 citizens to that effect. Unfortunately, on the day, he chose not to do be available and had an unknown representative accept the documents.

The reaction by well over a Thousand people witnessing the handover in front of his office, resulted in them chanting “Where is Winde? Where is Winde?” and left them feeling that they had been ignored and disrespected by an arrogant DA. Not what one would hope for from a party voted into power by the very same people, and especially by one which has proven its ability to govern fairly well under the circumstances of continuous undermining by the ANC and their EFF offspring…. or is this bad behaviour now the norm?

Let’s hope most sincerely that the DA leadership, particularly Alan Winde, as premier of the Western Cape, listens very carefully and urgently to the remaining good and loyal DA supporters, as long as the mood remains polite and, before the call for independence deteriorates into one of mass rebellion with all of its disastrous consequences.

Dare we hope that the DA does not, in the words of Helen Zille, repeat making yet another “fatal mistake”.

Andy Winsauer

16th May 2022


Andy Winsauer is a retired director of various leading international Companies based in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and South Africa, and was until recently director of the largest pro-independence civic movement in South Africa, Capexit npc. After many published articles and public interviews, he has decided to focus on independent and objective analysis surrounding the subject of Western Cape Independence.