560 people arrested in Milnerton cluster

560 people arrested in Milnerton cluster
560 people arrested in Milnerton cluster

The Milnerton Cluster police made numerous arrests during the weekly operations in their endeavor to combat crime diligently.

The Milnerton Cluster consists of nine police stations: Atlantis, Darling, Malmesbury, Melkbosstrand, Milnerton, Moorreesburg and Philadelphia.

A total of 560 people were arrested for various crimes comprising possession of drugs, possession of dangerous weapons, warrants of arrest and assault.

Other crimes such as the Contravention of a Protection Order and shoplifting added to the total persons arrested.

The Milnerton Cluster police stations had operations during the week and this has had a major impact on numerous arrests related to drugs, which made up the total of arrests mentioned. The success of the week by making the arrests and keeping a very close look on crime fighting within the cluster was possible due to dedication and team work.

A total of 30 persons were arrested on charges of driving under the influence of liquor. This shows that drivers do not take the responsibility of driving safely seriously.

Warrants of arrests led to the arrest of 23 persons for various crimes. Thirty two persons were arrested for being in possession of dangerous weapons comprising mostly knives.

Seven arrests were made for murder.

It is a crime to be in possession of property you yourself didn’t buy and therefore 16 persons were arrested for being in possession stolen property.

Being in possession of drugs also added to the total amount of 560 arrests by police members and a total of 141 persons was arrested for being in possession of drugs.

Other arrests, numbering 159, also had an impact on the total arrests. These crimes are mostly urinating in public, drinking in public etc.

The acting Milnerton Cluster Commander, Brig Mabusha would like to express his appreciation to the members for their dedication and commitment in the fight against crime, in partnership with the communities.

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SOURCESouth African Police Service