220 suspects arrested in SAPS operation, Khayelitsha Cluster

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220 suspects arrested in SAPS operation, Khayelitsha Cluster
220 suspects arrested in SAPS operation, Khayelitsha Cluster

Operations conducted in the Khayelitsha Cluster led to the arrest of more than 220 suspects for various crimes.

Two suspects, one of whom is a 16 year old, were arrested for the possession of a firearm in two separate cases reported at Lingelethu-West and Strand.

On Monday 28 May 2018, just after 11:30, a fight occurred in the Strand area during which an eye witness intervened and a 19 year old from Casablanca turned around and threatened the eye witness with a firearm. A case of pointing of a firearm was registered and on Tuesday 29 May 2018, at 05:00, the suspect was charged for the offence.

On Thursday 31 May 2018, just before 14:00, a 25 year old woman was robbed by six men wearing school uniforms. One of the suspects, a 16 year old juvenile, pointed a firearm at the complainant and demanded her personal belongings. The complainant, who was on her way to get a Taxi in Mew Way road, handed over her belongings. The 16 year old was arrested and charged the same day at 22:00. A case of robbery with a firearm is under investigation.

Police members were commended for the swift arrest and for taking two illegal firearms off the streets.

Other Cluster operations

An operation to quell taxi violence, held in Khayelitsha, yielded great success. Two licensed firearms were confiscated, five taxis were impounded, fines were issued to the value of R262 000 and 185 people and 152 vehicles were searched.

In other operations focusing on drug possession 54 people were arrested and 15 dangerous weapons were confiscated from them.

The Western Cape Provincial Commissioner, Lt Gen KE Jula, commended the police members for their hard work and expressed his satisfaction with their success thus far. General Jula stated that operations of this kind will continue throughout the Cluster.

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