‘Walk and don’t look back’

‘Walk and don’t look back’

And this was exactly what a 16-year-old teenager did after a cell phone thief stuck a firearm in his back after grabbing the youngster’s phone.

The robbery took place on Monday at about 3.30pm in front of Shangri-La Academy on Fiskaal Street in Glen Marais when Michael Rentsch from Blue Gill was on his way home from extra classes. He is a pupil at Benoni High.

According to his mother, Christelle, a coloured man approached him as he was passing the school. The man told Michael his nephew was at Shangri-La and had his phone stolen a couple of weeks before by some guys in a red car. He said he wanted to give Michael his number so Michael could call him if he saw anything.

When Michael took out his phone, the man grabbed it. The next thing the teenager saw was the man pulling out the firearm, sticking it in his back and ordering him to walk without looking back.

Michael did and did not see what happened to the robber.


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