Vote DANC: ‘You will be disappointed!’ – Politics – IOL News

Johannesburg – Vote DANC: our promises are empty. This is the slogan of the made-up political party, which features various politicians on its posters.

The posters combine different politicians’ faces against a rainbow background. It also combines their names – a smiling Jacob Zille, Helen Zuma and Julius de Lille.

One poster slogan reads “Supreme leader Maolema”, with the politician’s face superimposed on a Chairman Mao painting, complete with unicorn in the background.

Another poster with Malema’s face on it reads “If you think he’s the solution you don’t understand the problem”.

On the DANC’s “about” page it states: “We make no promises, but we do guarantee that ‘You will be dissatisfied and disappointed once you leave the PARTY!’”