Volunteer Ministers increase the fight against Covid-19.


Impact made by the Volunteer Ministers.

The Scientology Volunteer Minister Covid-19 Response Team has been toiling daily Since the announcement of the first Covid-19 Case in South Africa to curb further spreading as much as possible.

We have several teams equipped with a machine called D7 or Decon7 (short for Decontamination Level 7) fogging machines. This is a powerful, patented decontaminate, sanitize and cleaning solution that neutralizes both biological and chemical contaminants. Originally developed to counter biochemical threats to national security, D7 today is utilized in a variety of military, defense and public safety applications. D7 tackles the toughest contamination challenges, neutralizing toxic and/or deadly chemicals, bacteria and viruses within minutes. It is the highest world-standard solution for sanitizing against the Covid 19 virus. It is also environmentally friendly and safe

“It is our priority to make a safe environment by keeping the essential structures of society safe so they can do the work that protects us all. This would include key government executive departments, first responders, essential services, etc.” a Volunteer Minister Commented.