Virtual walk against South African farm attacks and farm murders


Virtual walk against South African farm attacks and farm murders
Virtual walk against South African farm attacks and farm murders. Photo: TLU SA

TLU SA invites South Africans to join forces virtually against crime with a virtual walk on 16-17 June.

“South Africa’s farmers, their families and workers are being attacked and killed more and more brutally. South Africans do not always realise the massive impact that these attacks have on agriculture as a whole and ultimately food production,” said TLU SA President, Mr Henry Geldenhuys.

With the march, TLU SA hopes to focus enough attention on the crimes so that the government is forced to speak more than just empty words about the seriousness of the situation. As a priority crime, farm attacks must receive the same attention and action as other serious crimes.

“We realise that no campaign or protest march on its own can stop crime, but it is important to create awareness about the problem, here and internationally. TLU SA knows that it is in the hands of the community to fight crime as the government lacks the political will to control the situation.”

The plan is to walk virtually 6065km within 24 hours. Each kilometre represents one of the farm attacks that have torn apart the lives of families and workers since 1990.

Mr Bennie van Zyl, TLU SA General Manager added: “We would like all South Africans who are fed up with crime to join us in this protest walk.”

Since 1990, 2182 farm murders have been reported and more than 6000 farm attacks. (TLU SA works strictly according to case numbers to determine statistics.)

“If you also want to support the walk and show that the safety of farmers is important to you, register and have your name appear on the list of supporters. You will receive an email with more information, but in the meantime, you can share on your social media platforms that you support the project with the hashtags: #plaaslewens #plaasstap #tlusa

“However, if you want to be more involved and actively show your support, here are some more options to be part of the campaign: If you do want to walk or run, in support – 6km or 6065 steps – take photos and share them with us on Facebook or Instagram with the campaign’s hashtags: #plaaslewens #plaasstap #tlusa

“If it is not possible for you – for whatever reason – to walk or run, you can also put on your hiking boots, take a picture, share it with us and thus show your support.”

Herewith the link to register

And if you want to see what our route looks like visit here

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