Violent farm attack on Guildenheuwel Farm in Franschhoek

Violent farm attack on Guildenheuwel Farm in Franschhoek

Franschhoek, South Africa – Medicare EMR got dispatched to the Guildenheuwel Farm on the Verdun road to assist with an 81 year old man who had been badly beaten in an armed robbery on July 2, 2014

Four knife wielding black  men, wearing balaklavas, had burst into the house while they were having dinner with their next door neighbour and started to trash the place.

The assailants apparently held knives to their throats as they demanded money and jewellery and other valuables. They forced them to open the safe where they took possession of two loaded firearms and R10000 in cash.

They forced the wife of the man, along with their visiting neighbour into another room. They tied him up with wire and beat him unconscious.

About ten minutes after the four men had left, the wife and the neighbour came out of the room and found the husband tied up so tight with wires that he was unable to move. They managed to untie him and called for help.

According to his wife the attack on her husband was completely unprovoked as he had been fully co-operative at all times.

Medicare EMR arrived on scene at the same time as Pepler Alarms, followed shortly by the police.

The man was treated for a laceration to the head from wire cutters and required stitches, along with a possible broken arm and concussion. They had repeatedly kicked him in the chest and abdomen and he suffered several blows to head and shoulder.

The SAPS Dog Unit was dispatched and a co-ordinated search took place by the police and local security companies. They followed the 4 men’s trail towards Robersvallei area for several kilometres until the trail went cold.

At this time it is difficult to say if these men are connected to the notorious Balaklava Gang due to the different operating style and the seemingly unprovoked violent nature of this attack.

The nature of this attack along with the stolen firearms are of great concern.

The four men were described as tall black men who spoke a foreign African language. The one man also apparently has a goatee.


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