Violent armed robbers arrested in Verulam

Violent armed robbers arrested in Verulam
Robbery Redcliffe Verulam.

Two violent armed robbers have been arrested on Friday morning at 11:50 in Redcliffe, Verulam after a business robbery.

Members of Reaction Unit South Africa were called out to Pioneer Road in Redcliffe after 3 armed suspects were seen fleeing the area after robbing a tuckshop of cash.

Reaction Officer Nelan Reddy arrived on the scene and was met by a group of men who pointed out that one suspect had fled into the bush. The Officer enter the bush and after a brief search, arrested one suspect covered in blood. The aggressive suspect was forced to the ground after he resisted arrest. The Reaction Officer searched the suspect and recovered a loaded pistol in his possession. It was later established that a resident in the area shot at the suspects when he noticed them fleeing the tuckshop. One suspect was shot on his leg. Upon questioning the injured suspect he informed Reaction Officers that he resided in Everest Heights in Verulam.

A second suspect was arrested by a resident on Oakford Road. He was found in possession of a Okapi Knife. The suspect informed Officers that he resided in the Dalton Hostel in Umbilo, KwaZulu-Natal. This information could not be confirmed.

A third suspect is still at large.

Photos of the arrest.

Armed robbers arrested in Redcliffe Verulam.
Robbers arrested in Redcliffe Verulam.
Robbery in Redcliffe Verulam.

Source: Reaction Unit South Africa

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