Be vigilant when using off-ramps

Be vigilant when using off-ramps

Residents using the N12 Highway and Comaro road off-ramps (especially the eastbound off-ramp) at night time after 22h00 should be cautious for smash and grab activity.

On Thursday a Community Policing Forum CPF patrol chased a suspect who crouched alongside the off-ramp waiting to strike a passing vehicle.

Second off-ramp incident.

“My family and I were on our way onto the N2 close to Sherwood off-ramp towards the pavilion. A guy threw a brick onto our car. The brick missed the intended target of the window and hit the side of our car. We phoned 10111 and they told us that we were the third car that got attacked in the area.

Please be aware and vigilant.

Phoenix Crime Watch
Glenvista Community Policing Forum

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