Victims of barbaric Randfontein farm murder

These people were the McCormack family, they were savagely murdered on their Randfontein farm.

Below are photos of the victims from the farm murder on which we (CICA) reported on last week.

Official stats say that 49 people are murdered daily in South Africa. In reality it is closer to 60 per day. That means 5 people are murdered on average every 120 minutes. These stats are at a worse death rate than the Iraq war.

The McCormack family who was murdered on their farm.

Kennith McCormack senior, Kennith McCormack junior, Merietjie Meyer and their daughter were all bludgeoned to death on Randfontein.

Rest in Peace and let justice be served.

Source: CICA
Crime Intelligence & Community Awareness – South Africa

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