Victim wrestle gun away from robber and shot him in the leg

Victim wrestle gun away from robber and shot him in the leg

Sandton, South Africa – Three armed robbers fled a crime scene after a Sandton resident they had tied up freed himself and shot one of them in the leg.

The drama unfolded just before 9pm on 8 September 2014 when the man and his wife were confronted by three armed robbers while sitting on their veranda at their house on East point Road in Sandton.

The couple were forced back into the house and tied up with belts while the robbers began looting the house

The tables turned when the owner of the home managed to free himself and tackled the robber tasked with looking after them as he was carrying a microwave out to his accomplices.

In the scuffle the owner of the home managed to wrestle the robber’s gun away from him and shot the man in the leg. The other two robbers inside the house immediately dropped everything and fled while the wounded robber ran off, leaving his gun behind.

On the run and hurt, the injured robber approached another house in Rivonia and asked for help via the intercom, claiming that he had been shot in the leg while being robbed in the street.

The resident became suspicious and immediately hit the panic button to alert his security company.

The robber was arrested by officers of the security firm.


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