Van Riebeeck Park couple talks about armed robbery ordeal

Van Riebeeck Park couple talks about armed robbery ordeal
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A Van Riebeeck Park (Kemptonpark) couple is happy to be alive and grateful to all who helped them following a chilling armed robbery and brutal attack in front of their home.

Johan (58) and Noreen (59) Etsebeth were attacked and robbed of their valuables by two armed men in a blue VW Golf in the driveway of their Blouberg Crescent home on August 7.

The couple was on their way to Arwyp at 5.15am where Noreen goes for dialysis three times a week.

“That day it was no different. I had just gotten into the car outside the gate the Golf pulled up behind us and two men got out,” Johan said.

“Noreen saw them and managed to lock her door. I didn’t and when they came to my side, they opened the door and shouted I should get out and they would kill me.”

What followed was a horrible ordeal which the couple will never forget. Even though it lasted only a few minutes, to them it felt like hours.

The two men, one of them wearing a balaclava, beat Johan continuously with their guns on the head while he was still inside the car.

“They also tried to reach Noreen, who fought back and tried to defend herself,” Johan said.

The whole time Johan kept pleading with them to leave them alone as his wife had to go for her crucial treatment. He then tried to press the panic button on the car keys but one of the men grabbed it.

“I kept blowing the hooter to make noise and get some sort of attention,” Noreen said.

“Our tenant, who lives in the back room, heard the hooter but by the time he got outside they had already gone.” The two men made off with Noreen’s handbag, which had the house keys and her cell phone in it. They also stole a laptop, iPad, projector and bank cards.

As the men were leaving the scene, Noreen shouted: “I rebuke you in the name of Jesus”, which, according to Johan, made one of then, the one who hadn’t covered his face, look almost scared.

“The one thing that struck me the most was how young the guy was. And he didn’t look like a criminal at all, he looked very neat and clean and descent, which was confusing because he doesn’t look like the type of gentlemen who would be associated with crime,” Johan recalled.


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