Urgent help needed: The forgotten white people of South Africa

Urgent help needed: The forgotten white people of South Africa
Help the forgotten white people of South Africa

The recession is taking its toll in South Africa as thousands off whites are starving and this is being hidden by the media. Government is not supporting people and especially not white people many of whom are ending up unemployed as a result of the racist government labour laws like affirmative action and BEE. Many white South Africans are in squatter camps and it is estimated that there are more than 1000 squatter camps for destitute white South Africans located in all parts of South Africa.There is a planned outreach on 6 October 2018, please see the video at the end of this article.

This is a call for assistance for people suffering in white squatter camps in South Africa. Any unwanted stuff, food, clothing, donations or whatever you have to assist in the plight of ‘our people’ will be cherished and greatly appreciated. Children are suffering from hunger, it is horrible and not acceptable they need much better care. They our own and our future.

Start donate now and get involved to help. Provide our own people with jobs, help our kids. We running short off food, funds, clothing, shoes, any unwanted goods, now we need urgent help!

This is the reality in South Africa:

More and more children go to bed without food.
Please support the people, people are starving and unable to find work.
Depression hits South Africa’s white camps as there is no support from government.
People go without food and even regular meals.
Please share, make this viral Help needed is sorely needed.

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