Urgent action needed against farm attacks: Agri SA

Agri SA

Urgent action needed against farm attacks: Agri SA
Urgent action needed against farm attacks: Agri SA

Agri SA is voicing its concerns over the shocking increase in farm attacks and is requesting an urgent meeting with the newly appointed Minister of Police and the National Commissioner to discuss this issue of national importance. Farm attacks have increased by 22 per cent this year and murder by 27 per cent, and as reported 6 farm attacks have occurred in the past week.

“Several farmers and farm labourers were brutally assaulted and that is why we call on the farming community to further sharpen their vigilance. Within Agri SA and our provincial organisations we will do everything in our power to curb crime,” said Agri SA President Dan Kriek.

Agri SA has already approached the newly appointed Minister of Police as well as the National Commissioner to urgently discuss the ongoing farm violence and the impact thereof on farming communities. Aspects such as, finalising the revised Rural Protection Strategy as well as the reservist system will be subjects for discussion. A well-functioning reservist system that is accessible for members of the farming community forms the backbone to rural protection.

Agri SA remains committed to finding a solution in cooperation with established authority- and civil society structures. Even though there has been significant international interest on farm attacks, South African farmers do not seek assurance from abroad, but rather from their own government.

Farmworkers and farmers are highly valuable resources who are necessary to ensure food security and rural stability in South Africa. This is why they need to be properly protected to ensure there is food for the nation, something they manage to do extremely well.”

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