Unsuccessful farm attack results in four arrests at Loskop dam road

Unsuccessful farm attack results in four arrests at Loskop dam road
Botched farm attack at Loskop Dam road South Africa

Four suspects were arrested in possession of firearms on January 8, 2015 when they were caught at Loskop dam road.

Mrs. Elmie Wessels noticed a suspicious vehicle about 05:00 on her premises and went to investigate. She caught four suspects in a vehicle. They said they were in search of work.

Mrs. Wessels did not feel at ease and sought help right away. WIPS (Wildlife Investigation and Protection Services) and Rudi Louw (brother in law of Mrs. Wessels) arrived at the scene in a flash.

WIPS arrested the suspects for trespassing and took them to Groblersdal police for questioning.

According to Piet Groenewald of WIPS, Lieutenant Colonel Venetia Masingi interrogated the suspects and did not feel at ease after their stories did not match.

Groblersdal SAPS went to the scene and asked the suspects if their vehicle may be searched.

Two firearms were found in the driver’s door panel. The police arrested the men for illegal possession of firearms.

According to Captain Anton Willemse, the vehicle was reported stolen outside Witbank in December, 2014 and the guns in April, 2014.

“I’m just thankful I took my dog with me and I stood at the door of the vehicle and talked. That stopped the suspects to get the guns out of the panel of the vehicle,” said Mrs. Wessels.

According to Mr. Groenewald the suspects said they wanted to rob Mrs. Wessels.

“I did not realize the seriousness of the incident until the police arrested the men,” said Mrs. Wessels.

Mandelson Hlatshovago (24), James Sibanyoni (26), Patrick Modau (27) and Lebogang Motau (22), appeared in court on January 12, 2015 and the case was postponed to January 19, 2015 for a formal bail application.

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