University student kidnapped on her way to a test

University student kidnapped on her way to a test
Ilze-Dene Oberholzer

A Stellenbosch University student was bundled into a car in a daring kidnapping while walking to class to write a test. A traumatised and fragile Ilzé-Dene Oberholzer, 21, from Bellville, a human resource management student, described to the Cape Times yesterday how two men had kidnapped her when they tried to rob her of her car.

“I could not look the kidnappers in the eye. The fear was too overwhelming,” said Oberholzer, who lives in Die Boord residence.

She was walking to the RW Wilcocks building on Monday just after 7.20pm to write a psychology semester test.

“I parked at Eikestad Mall because there is more light and more people.”

She had wanted to take a short cut across a parking lot.

“I stumbled and when I sat up, then there was this guy in front of me. Then he pushed my mouth and pushed me into the car. He got in with me and held my head down. I could not focus,” she said.

Oberholzer said the two men forcefully pinned her down against the car seat and searched her for valuables.

“I managed to throw my car keys out the window without them seeing me. Everything happened so fast,” she said.

“They constantly asked where my phone is. I was burned on my leg and arm with a cigarette lighter.”

She said the car had stopped in an unknown street.

“When we stopped, I do not know where, there was a different car. “

One of the kidnappers took her “under his arm”, held her tight around the neck and tried loading her into the second vehicle.

She had spotted an ADT armed response vehicle a few hundred meters down the road, managed to break loose and ran.

“My whole shirt was torn. I just ran, screamed and cried. “

The men gave chase but then turned around and drove off, she said.

The ADT security officer took her to friends and then to the Stellenbosch police station. Police later found her car keys in Plakenbrug Road.

Police confirmed that a case of kidnapping was reported. No one has been arrested…


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