Ungodly and uncivilised: The destruction of a country


Ungodly and uncivilised: The destruction of a country
Ungodly and uncivilised: The destruction of a country

Looting of state owned entities, theft, corruption at all levels of government, collapsing municipalities, failing infrastructure, crashing economy and crime that is out of control – That is South Africa! A once functional, well run and economically sound country is about on its knees. After 25 years of destruction the ANC government has the citizens of South Africa in a very much worse off state than ever before. It seems that the norm is, its okay as long as you get away with it! Is the a cultural thing or the doings of evil, uncivilised and ungodly people? The ANC president is currently also asking the ancestors for help!

Murders of tourists have increased drastically, abduction, rape and murder of women and children has reached alarming rates, public violence resulting in injury, death and massive damage to property is out of control. Xenophobia has risen sharply and the looting of foreigners shops, burning foreigners trucks, destroying their homes and general violence towards foreigners is at an all time high causing many foreigners to flee.

Enquiries for Immigration out of South Africa has increased by 70%. Middle and upper earners are dis-investing and sending their money offshore or investing in property in the UK and EU.

The new crime statistics paint a horrifying picture:

Murder increased
2018 – 20 308
2019 – 21 280

Rape increased
2018 – 39 945
2019 – 41 498

Overall sexual offences increased
2018 – 49 991
2019 – 52 314

Attempted murder increased
2018 – 18 215
2019 – 18 904

Robbery with aggravating circumstances increased
2018 – 138 233
2019 – 139 888

Robbery at residential premises increased
2018 – 22 255
2019 – 22 494

Assault with grievous bodily harm increased
2018 – 166 871
2019 – 170 717

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